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Inclusive economy

Inclusive economy

Explore the changing nature of work, what it means for job quality and wellbeing as well as the impact of technology on jobs.

The project on the Future of Work and Inclusive Growth marked its first anniversary in 2021. The project team closely analysed the impact of technology on the nature, quantity and quality of work, welfare systems and inclusive growth at large. That included exploring the role of technology and AI in reshaping society, particularly when subject to extreme stress (eg during a pandemic), and considering those who have been most affected by these forces in the short and long terms.

Our researchers also started a transatlantic expert exchange on the topic of the future of work, in order to feed into current and future EU-US policy dialogues and to develop policy ideas to address challenges related to the future of work. Moreover, we have continued to look into the issues of convergence and divergence within the EU single market, with a particular focus on identifying how the process of convergence itself links to greater inclusiveness of the different segments of society across the EU.

Future of Work and Inclusive Growth in Europe

A long-lasting European research-to-action project, in collaboration with the Mastercard Impact Fund and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.

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Transatlantic Expert Group on the Future of Work

Promoting the exchange of views and best practices in the area of the future of work that can feed current and future EU-US policy dialogue.

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Future of Work Annual Conference

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