Future of Work and Inclusive Growth in Europe

A long-lasting European research-to-action project, in collaboration with the Mastercard Impact Fund and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.


Uptake and inequality of telework dashboard

A dashboard that monitors the uptake and inequality of telework in the EU across countries, years, occupations and socio-demographic groups.

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Future of Work podcast series

This podcast series is part of Bruegel's Future of work and inclusive growth project.




Future of Work events

Browse our upcoming events related to the Future of Work project, and explore our previous event recordings.

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The Excellence Network

The Excellence Network is a platform for a diverse community of stakeholders (academia, policy representatives, business sector, employers’ organizations, trade unions, innovative small companies) to allow exchange of insights and enhance a stronger collaboration between different social and economic actors.


  • Tatiana Andreeva, Maynooth University Ireland
  • Janine Berg, International Labour organization
  • Cristiano Codagnone, Universita Degli Stidu di Milano
  • Francis Green, Institute of Education, University College London
  • Vassilis Hatzopoulos, Panteion University
  • Estrella Gómez Herrera, University of Balearic Islands
  • Sabine Köszegi, TU Wien Informatics
  • Rose Luckin, UCL Knowledge Lab
  • Ioana Marinescu, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice
  • Diane Mulcahy, Visiting Fellow at Bruegel, Expert on Gig Economy
  • Milena Nikolova, University of Groningen
  • Martin Gruber-Risak, University of Vienna, Department for Labour Law and Social Rights
  • Maria Savona, University of Sussex, Science Policy Research Unit
  • David Spencer, Leeds University Business School
  • Fabian Stephany, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Jens Suedekum, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf


  • Carlo Albini, Head of People and Organization Innovability at Enel Group
  • Janine Berg, Senior Economist at ILO, International Labour Organization
  • Jaap Buis, Public Affairs Manager, Randstad
  • Florian Dautil, Chief Operations Officer at Bayes Impact
  • Rafael Domenech, Head of Economic Analysis at BBVA
  • Laurent Durain, Head of Department for vocational training at Caisse des Dépôts
  • Andreas Ebert, Senior Director of Business Strategy at Microsoft
  • Gerhard Huemer, Economic Policy Director at SMEunited, European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
  • Elisabeth Hunt, Economist in the UK Treasury’s Labour Markets and Distributional Analysis team
  • Alan Lockey, Head of the Future Work Centre and Associate Director of the Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing Team at RSA
  • Ester Lynch, Deputy Secretary General at ETUC, European Trade Union Confederation
  • Stephanie Koenen, Senior Policy Advisor in the Division of Fundamental Issues of Labour Policy, German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Jacob Rudbäck, Founder and CEO at Yepstr
  • Tilman Tacke, Partner and Lead Author of the Future of Work in Europe at McKinsey Global Institute
  • Risto Vaittinen, Chief Economist at TELA, The Finnish Pension Alliance ▪ Andrew Wyckoff, Director for Science, Technology and Innovation at OECD

A leading partnership

As an independent voice in Europe on economic policy response, with a track record of extensive work around the role of digitization, technology, and gig work in the labour force, Bruegel is well positioned to lead this effort. Bruegel has been successfully collaborating with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth in the past three years conducting studies on inclusive growth (2016)migration (2017) and the effects of digitalisation on European welfare states (2018/19).

The Center, committed to supporting initiatives that focus on long-term economic growth and the reduction of income and information inequality, is the ideal catalyser for this initiative. The economic panel meets 1-2 times per year with the senior MasterCard management to discuss the global economy in an informal way, which led to building a strong relationship between Bruegel and the Center.

About this project

The Future of Work and Inclusive Growth research team closely analyses the impact of AI and technology on the nature, quantity and quality of work, welfare systems and inclusive growth at large. In addition, the team has observed how these transformations have been affected by times of stress, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Academics in the field and a diverse group of practitioners across sectors (companies, public policy, trade unions and innovators) have come to together to establish research and good practices to help inform policy decisions. Through a multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach, this research-to-action initiative explores four main areas: new technologies in the workplace, new ways of working, reskilling and mobility and inclusive digital economy.

Please see a full overview of Bruegel's research in this leaflet.

The future of work project is a long-lasting European research-to-action platform, financially supported by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.