Our researchers

Our global and diverse network of experts work together to provide timely evidence based economic policy recommendations.


Carlo Altomonte

International Economics, Firms & Competitiveness, Industrial Policy, EU Single Market

Non-resident fellow

Suman Bery

International Economics, Monetary Policy

Non-resident fellow (on leave for public service)

Anne Bucher

Macroeconomic Forecast and Models, Governance of the Eurozone and Structural Reforms

Non-resident fellow

Rebecca Christie

European Governance, Financial Regulation and Capital Markets

Non-resident fellow

Marek Dabrowski

Neighborhood Policy, Trade Policy, Political Economy of Transition, Monetary and Fiscal Policies, Growth and Poverty, Currency Crises

Non-resident fellow

Uri Dadush

International Trade, Global Economic Prospects, Migration, Inequality

Non-resident fellow

Zsolt Darvas

Macroeconomics, Central Banking and Time Series Analysis

Senior fellow

Maria Demertzis

Macroeconomics, Monetary and Financial Stability, Political Economy

Interim Director

Duygu Güner

Labour Markets, Gender Gaps and Skill Shortages

Affiliate fellow

Mark Hallerberg

Fiscal Governance, Tax Competition and Exchange Rate Choice

Non-resident fellow

Henrik Horn

Economic Aspects of Trade Law and Competition Law

Non-resident fellow

Svend E. Hougaard Jensen

Economics of Changing Demograhics, Design and Evaluation of Pension Systems, Fiscal Governance, Financial Stability.

Non-resident fellow

Paweł Karbownik

Political Economy, Globalisation, The EU, G7, China, Taxation

Visiting fellow

David Kleimann

International Trade, EU Common Commercial Policy, Climate and Trade Nexus, EU Governance and Institutions

Visiting fellow

Marie Le Mouel

Climate Policy, Energy, Industrial Policy, Productivity

Affiliate fellow

Alexander Lehmann

EU Banking and Capital Markets Union, Innovation and Sustainable Finance, Emerging Markets

Non-resident fellow

Annamaria Lusardi

Financial Literacy

Non-resident fellow

Professor of Economics and Accountancy, George Washington University School of Business,

Scott Marcus

Digital Agenda, Telecommunications, Innovation

Senior fellow

Dalia Marin

International Economics, Corporate Finance and the Organisation of the Firm, Emerging Market Economies

Non-resident fellow

Diane Mulcahy

The Gig Economy and the Future of Work, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Private Equity and Venture Capital

Visiting fellow

Laura Nurski

Future of Work, Artificial Intelligence, Job Quality, Labour, Wellbeing

Research fellow

Georgios Petropoulos

Industrial Organization, Competition Policy, Corporate Finance, Economic Growth

Non-resident fellow

Niclas Poitiers

International Trade, International Macroeconomics and the Digital Economy

Research fellow

Giuseppe Porcaro

European Governance, Technology & Politics, Geopolitics

Head of Outreach, Governance and Human Resources

André Sapir

International Economics, Trade, European Governance

Senior fellow

Dirk Schoenmaker

Macro-finance, Financial Supervision and Stability, Banking, Insurance, Circular Economy

Non-resident fellow

Fabian Stephany

Future of Work, Internet Economics, Network Science, Online Gig Economy, Platform Economy

Non-resident fellow

Simone Tagliapietra

Climate Policy, Energy Markets and Policy, Industrial Policy, Political Economy and Geopolitics

Senior fellow

Stefanie Walter

Distributional Conflicts, Political Preferences and Economic Policy Outcomes Related to Globalization, European Integration, Financial Crises

Non-resident fellow

Thomas Wieser

EU Economic Policies, European Governance, Financial Stability

Non-resident fellow

Jianwei Xu

International Economics, Labor Economics, Chinese Economy

Non-resident fellow

Stavros Zenios

Risk Management, Financial Engineering, Sovereign Debt Sustainability, Pricing Political Risk, Portfolio Optimization

Non-resident fellow

Research Analysts and Assistants