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Paweł Karbownik

Non-resident fellow (on leave for public service)

Paweł Karbownik is an economist and diplomat. He served as an advisor to the president of the European Council on G7, G20 and EU strategic agenda in 2014-2019. In this role he was involved in preparing a European response to i.a. the Greek debt crisis, migration crisis, Brexit, as well as Trump presidency. During the 5-year term Paweł also served as the EU Sherpa assistant for the G7, responsible for global negotiations ahead and during the Group of Seven summits. He has an experience of around 80 leaders’ summits (EU, Eurozone, G7, G20, EU-China, EU-Japan, EU-Canada and others).

Prior to that, Paweł was a deputy director at the EU Economic Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, where he headed a team responsible for i.a. the design of the Energy Union concept and 2014 sanctions on Russia. He also gained professional experience in the European Parliament, Procter & Gamble and McKinsey and Co.

Apart from his interest in international relations and economics, he has been working on a book 'Lost in Paradise' about the future of democracy and a global clash with autocracy. He has also published on banking union, Economic and Monetary Union and efficiency of tax systems.

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