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Bruegel presents: Technology adoption and Twin transition dashboards

At this event, we delved into two dashboards offering key insights on the evolution of work and technology adoption in Europe.



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At this event, we discussed two dashboards that allow users to gain insights into key aspects shaping the future of work and technology adoption in Europe.

The first is the Technology Adoption Dashboard, which addresses the increasing prevalence of technology in EU economies. It explores whether technology adoption is evenly distributed among EU member states and provides insights into the adoption of four key digital technologies: artificial intelligence, big data applications, cloud computing, and implementation of robots. The dashboard also identifies barriers to adoption and allows users to customize data with filters for a comprehensive exploration.

The second dashboard, the Twin Transition Skills Dashboard, explores Europe's path towards the Twin Transition—integrating AI and sustainability. Tailored for researchers, journalists, and policymakers, this platform offers real-time insights into the evolving landscape of employment opportunities in AI and green jobs across Europe. It delves into educational prerequisites, skills on the rise, and growth patterns, providing a comprehensive exploration of the Twin Transition's foundations. 

Developed as part of the Future of Work and Inclusive Growth in Europe project at Bruegel, these dashboards have been supported by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.