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01 July 2022

A decade of economic policy

Guntram Wolff looks back at the past decade of Bruegel contribution to economic policy in Europe.

29 June 2022

ZhōngHuá Mundus

Bringing you analysis of China in the world, as seen from Europe.

15 June 2022

Growth for good?

Can economic growth be a force for good and help in the fight against climate change?

08 June 2022

Is China bailing Russia out?

The mystery of China-Russia economic relations in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and what it means for Europe.

01 June 2022

War in Ukraine

This podcasts series reflects on the implications of Russia's war in Ukraine in various economic aspects.

19 May 2022

Future of Work

Close analysis on the impact of technology on the nature, quantity and quality of work, welfare systems and inclusive growth at large.