Backstage: How think-tanks can make themselves heard in an information-rich world

Think-tanks have come a long way since their organisational blueprint was first conceived, but they have work to do in order to adapt to meet the need

Publishing date
08 November 2018

Think-tanks play a critical role in developing and promoting policy solutions, particularly in times of extreme disruption and change.

However, these organisations now operate in information-rich societies where facts, evidence and credible research are often ignored – and where disinformation can gain a footing.

In this edition of the Bruegel Backstage podcast series on ‘The Sound of Economics’, Bruegel secretary general Matt Dann welcomes senior thought leaders from research centres around the world to discuss a range of strategies and best practices for transforming public policy and institutions in an era of digital and political disruptions, as well as increased social and economic turbulence.


Matt Dann, secretary general at Bruegel

James McGann, director of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania

Milena Lazarević, programme director and co-founder of the European Policy Centre in Belgrade, Serbia

Edward Kofi Anan Brown, senior director for research and policy engagements at the African Center for Economic Transformation in Ghana


Produced by Giuseppe Porcaro


James McGann, Milena Lazarević and Edward Kofi Anan Brown participated in the Global Think Tank Summit 2018, hosted by Bruegel in Brussels.

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