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Different perspectives on Nord Stream II

At this event, we brought together key-experts that studied the regulatory and economic aspects of Nord Stream II


Szymon Polak

First Secretary, Energy Section, Permament Representation of the Republic of Poland to the EU,

VIdeo and audio recording

Note that due to technical issues there is no sound in the first few minutes of the video. The sound starts at 7.30.

Nord Stream II - The second branch of the sub-sea gas pipeline from Russia to Germany is highly controversial. While Gazprom and its EU partners highlight the commercial nature of the project and the diversification of supply routes; Central and East European countries fear that the pipeline project makes them more dependent on Russian gas.

The  event on “Different perspectives on Nord Stream II“ brought together key-experts who briefly introduced their key-findings on the regulatory and economic aspects of Nord Stream II.



Presentation by Borbála Takácsné Tóth

Presentation by Simon Schulte

Presentation  by Sebastian Saas

Presentation by Georg Zachmann