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Dodd Frank: One year on

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11 July 2011
Nicolas Véron

22 July marks the first anniversary of Dodd-Frank, the most comprehensive US regulatory effort for financial markets since the 1930s. In June, The Pew Charitable Trusts and NYU's Stern School collected an array of prominent experts to provide an interim report of the bill's effectiveness. Vox's latest ebook presents their conclusions.

This publication was edited by Viral Acharya, Thomas F Cooley, Matthew Richardson and Ingo Walter. Including contributions from Michael Barr, Thomas Cooley, Martin Baily, Patrick Parkinson, Kermit Schoenholtz, Vincent Reinhart, J Nellie Liang, Thomas Hoenig, Viral Acharya, Matthew Richardson, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Lawrence J. White, Tobias Adrian, Neil Barofsky, and Nicolas Véron

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