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09 July 2018

World Cup Economics

As we approach the final rounds of the tournament, here are some recent contributions about the economics and economic impact of the World Cup.

30 April 2018

The cost of remittances

Remittances flows are very important for developing countries. In 2009 the G8 pledged to reduce the cost of remittances to 5%, a commitment that was e

29 November 2017

Antitrust Concerns in Digital Markets

Following our past events on the topic of antitrust concerns in zero price markets and on big data, digital platforms and market competition, this Nov

29 November 2017

Mergers and innovation

At this closed-door, off-the-record event we will discuss the impact that mergers have on innovation.

05 October 2017

Crowd Employment

This event aims to discuss the various nuances and diversity that characterize crowd employment.

31 July 2017

The US Antitrust Counter-Revolution

Plenty of recent research has highlighted a rise in concentration in the US economy, across different sectors. Economists are now wondering to what ex