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Competition policy for the digital age

How can competition policy adapt to market changes caused by new technologies, digital platforms and big data companies?


Riccardo Falconi

Legal Director - Western & Southern Europe & EU Legal Affairs & EMEA Antitrust, Uber,

The purpose of competition policy is to maintain fairness and equality in the market - protecting consumers and businesses from monopolies and cartels - while allowing space for innovation. Innovation is rapidly occurring. New technologies and digital platforms have been swiftly growing and conquering a larger share of the market – changing its landscape and disrupting the status quo. Some of the larger companies rely on innovative business models that turn their competition obsolete. Tech-based companies have the potential of becoming the only significant player of a specific market. So how can competition policy be effective in this new landscape? How can it regulate anti-competitive behavior? How can it ensure that the consumer will benefit from an open and competitive digital environment, in which technology markets remain open to new entrants?

This is an invitation only event for members and selected experts. It will follow Chatham House rule.