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Emerging Trends in Competition Policy - A Global Perspective

How is global competition policy evolving given the challenges of the digital era?


Cristina Caffarra

Vice President, Head of European Competition Practice, Charles River Associates,

William Kovacic

Professor of global competition law and policy, George Washington University ; Former chairman, U.S. Federal Trade Commission,



The primary objective of competition policy is to enhance consumer welfare by promoting competition and controlling practices that could restrict it. At this event we analysed the emerging trends in competition policy and its current implementation focusing on Europe and the US. We discussed how global competition policy is evolving given the challenges of the digital era, and attempted to shed a light on the fact that the US and the EU seem to have very divergent views on these markets.

Relevant questions were:
- What should the borders of competition policy be?
- Do we need a new approach and new instruments to address the challenges of the digital era?
- What are the current trends in the main jurisdictions?
- Which is the most influential approach at a global scale?

presentation by prof. william kovacic

Prof. William Kovacic - Slides