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The role of innovation for electricity supply security

Invitation-only event on European electricity innovation.

Sunny day, electrical power lines surrounded by trees.



Kick-off remarks

10:00-10:30 (CET)


Round table discussion

10:30-12:00 (CET)

Electricity will be at the core of the secure and decarbonised European energy system of the future. Intermittent renewables will play a major role. But the massive seasonality of heating demand that coincides with low solar power generation, as well as the need to bridge week-long shortfalls in wind generation pose a substantial challenge to ensure stable supplies. While in the short term existing conventional plants might somewhat buffer the transitions – Europe will relatively quickly need efficient technical solutions to ensure stable electricity supplies in critical phases. The deployment of these solutions at the necessary scale needs to be prepared now.

This event is open only to Bruegel's Members and select invitees.

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