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The quality and quantity of work in the age of AI

At this event, the panelists will discuss the implications of Artificial Intelligence on the labour market and the future of work in general.


Anna Byhovskaya

Senior policy advisor, Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC),

Carl Frey

Director, Future of Work, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford

Although AI brings forth a wide array of possibilities, it raises many questions. Will AI systems substitute workers? Does AI increase inequality and job polarisation? Will the overall quality of work decrease? What are the recommended policy actions to minimise the associated concerns for workers?

Technological development and digitalisation have major implications for the workforce and the future of labour markets. The current so-called AI revolution is not the first, as we have experienced 3 industrial revolutions since the 18th century based on technological breakthroughs. That being said, AI technologies have some specific features that differentiate them from the previous revolutions, such as machines that can learn and become more capable to perform specific tasks. For that reason, the first important question discussed at this event was: Is it different this time?

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