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Eurozone crisis and global economic policy management

On 9-10 December 2011 the Korean Institute for Finance, on behalf of the Asia Europe Economic Forum, organised a conference entitled "Impact of eurozone debt crisis on East Asian countries".

The conference included the following topics:

1. Debt sustainability in the US, Europe and Japan
2. Eurozone crisis and its impact on Asia
3. Reform of the International Monetary System
4. G20 - assessment and future prospects
5. Prospect of the Chinese economy

The AEEF is a forum that consists of the following partners: Bruegel (Belgium), CEPII (France), ADBI (Japan), IWEP (China), Keio University (Japan), IfW (Germany), Korea University (Korea), PEGGED

Event materials

Agenda of the event download


Session 1

  • Sandro Momigliano - Debt sustainability in Europe download
  • Jun Saito - Debt sustainability in Japan - presentation download and paper download
  • Jakob Funk Kirkegaard - Debt Sustainability in U.S., Europe and Japan - Is There A Role for the Asset Side? download
  • Peter Morgan - Government debt sustainability in Japan download

Session 2

  • Jean Pisani-Ferry - The euro crisis and the new impossible trinity - presentation download and paper download
  • Haizhou Huang - Euro Area Crisis and Its Impacts on EMs and China download
  • Takatoshi Ito - Eurasian Contagion?: Age of Fiscal Tightening presentation download and paper download

Session 3

  • Masahiro Kawai - Asian Monetary integration: A Japanese Perspective download
  • Agnès Bénassy-Quéré - A multipolar IMS: likelihood, desirability, transition download
  • Gongpil Choi - A Reform of the International Monetary System download

Session 4

  • David Vines - After Cannes: The G20MAP, Global Rebalancing, and Sustaining Global Economic Growth download
  • Joong Beom Shin - Challenges toward Los Cabos Summit download

Session 5

  • Yu Yongding - China’s macroeconomic situation and policy presentation download Internationalization of RMB paper download, Beijing will not ride to eurozone’s rescue op-ed download, The China Bears' Feeble Growl op-ed download
  • Changyong Rhee - The PRC Economy: Short-run and long-run challenges download
  • Shahin Vallée - The Internationalisation path of the RMB - presentation download and paper download
  • Mario Lamberte - Prospects of the Chinese Economy and ASEAN-China Linkages download

Keynote speech

  • Kiyoto Ido - East Asian Economic Growth download

To know more about the Asia Europe Economic Forum you can visit our dedicated page