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The European energy transition: a vision between decarbonisation and digitalisation

This closed-door brainstorming workshop will discuss how the energy system of the future will be shaped by the interaction between decarbonisation and

This event represents the first of a workshop series developed by Bruegel, the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and the Florence School of Regulation to explore the future of Europe's energy transition

The European energy system of the future will be the result of the interaction between two mega-trends: decarbonisation and digitalisation. On the one hand, based on increasingly strong public policies, decarbonisation is already reshuffling the European energy mix. On the other hand, industry-driven technological innovation is progressively opening-up new and potentially disruptive, opportunities for evolving energy systems. These trends are usually explored on the basis of theoretical scenario-based analyses that are useful to get an overview on the general outlook, but that are not sufficient to assess what might be their actual impact on the real world. This workshop aims at stimulating a debate on this topical issue, by focusing on the future scenarios for decarbonisation and digitalisation in Europe, the interaction of these developments and how a deep digitalization of the economy can be a driver for decarbonisation. A special focus will be devoted to the electricity sector, the residential/commercial sector including cities, as well as the transport sector.

The programme for this event is still under construction. More information will be available soon.

This is a closed-door brainstorming workshop for a small number of selected invitees.