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DMA and Innovation: Charting the future of European tech

How does DMA impact innovation for platforms, considering factors like data integration, consumer consent, market competition?






At this closed-door event we will discuss the relationship between the new European regulation (DMA) and its potential impact on innovation, encompassing scenarios of increased, decreased, or redirected innovation, depending on the context.
Since it is difficult to generalize about the impact of 20 rules on the innovation of 20 platforms, and we want to avoid repeating the standard talking point that regulation inhibits innovation, we will focus the discussion on particular examples. A platform might be developing a new product that relies on combining data across CPS's. Will this go forward because it is easy to obtain consumer permission? Or will different products be developed for Europe? We are particularly interested whether the rules of the DMA will allow one platform to more easily enter and compete against another. Will the portability of consumer data increase competition in a market because users can transfer data like saved addresses, past shopping, past searching, past playing, etc to a new entrant?