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Lorenzo Giussani

Director for Electricity Generation and Trade, a2a

Lorenzo Giussani has been head of A2A Group’s Generation & Trading Business Unit since July 2020.

Born in Milan in 1978, he is married with five children.

He graduated in 2001 in Economics and Commerce from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, and after a brief entrepreneurial experience during the “new economy” years, he joined Bain & Company, a leading management consultancy firm. He entered the company as Associate Consultant and stayed with Bain until 2010, reaching the position of Manager there in 2009. His clients included the main operators in the Energy & Utilities sector, among them A2A, Italy’s leading multi-utility. 

As a consultant, he took part in the setting up of A2A in early 2008 and followed all of the key post-merger integration activities, then joining the company in 2010.

At A2A, he worked as assistant to the head of Corporate and Market before moving into M&A as head of Business Development, where he participated in major operations including the acquisition of Edipower.

In January 2015, he was appointed Head of Strategy and Innovation, then also moving into the Generation and Trading Business Unit, of which he became head in 2020. The Business Unit has a workforce of around 1,000 people and deals with the Group’s renewable-generation (hydroelectric, solar and wind) and thermal assets, as well as with its energy management and trading activities.

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