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What's the hype all about: the future of social media

What is the future of social media? Conversation with Nick Clegg and Sinan Aral.

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Sinan Aral

David Austin Professor of Management, MIT; Author of the book 'The Hype Machine',

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many facets of our lives have moved online. But even years before the pandemic pushed us closer to screens, various social media platforms appeared and have been contributing to the ever-closer relationship between us and our smartphones. Social media have influenced how we interact, what we shop, what information we receive and share, and even who we elect as politicians.

What is the future of social media? How will it tie into the future of data mobility and international data transfers? Are we on the brink of developing different models of the internet and what role will the EU play in all of that?

At this event, our Director, Guntram Wolff, was in conversation with Nick Clegg, VP of Global Affairs and Communications at Facebook, and Sinan Aral, David Austin Professor at MIT and the author of the book 'The Hype Machine'.

The two speakers offered their visions of the path forward.