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Talks@Bruegel: Gatekeepers in the Digital Markets Act with Fiona Scott Morton

Invitation-only event featuring Fiona Scott Morton who will talk about Core Platform Services and their obligations

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On 6 Sep 2023, the European Commission will designate “gatekeepers” companies and their Core Platform Services – hard-to-avoid platforms that dominate the digital economy.  They have six months to comply with the Obligations in the EU’s landmark Digital Markets Act.  In this Talk, we first explore whether there is still leeway for selected gatekeepers and platform services to contest the Commission’s decision.  Our main focus however is on the implementation of the obligations. How can gatekeepers implement the obligations? How will it affect business models for app stores, search engines, online advertising and e-commerce market places? How will it affect users of these services?    

Our guest is Fiona Scott-Morton, professor of Economics at the Yale School of Management and former Chief Economist of Antitrust at the U.S. Department of Justice.  She is well-known in antitrust research for a number of studies on digital services markets, including on the EU DMA.  She joins Bruegel this fall as Visiting Research Fellow.