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EU Financial Markets: East Meets West

Banking and financial regulation in the East and the West: links, differences and future.

The European Union’s expansions of 2004 and 2007 brought about extension of the single market for financial services to the countries of the Central and Eastern European Union (CEEU). As a result, the financial institutions established in the CEEU region are today subject to the same EU regulatory framework as their western European counterparts. Many also belong to the same groups that dominate the western financial landscape. This, however, did not obliterate the differences in the development of financial services and in the roles played by the financial institutions in the western and the eastern part of the EU.

This conference will discuss the regional differences in financial intermediation in eastern and western EU. What are the links and prospects for the financial sector between the euro area and its neighbours? What is the role of regulation and supervision in the social utility of the financial system?

For more information and to register see www.eur.nl/east-meets-west

This event will be held in Poland - University of Warsaw, Collegium Iuridicum II, Lipowa 4, Hall A3.