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Defence as Europe's trump card: strategies to safeguard EU against potential American retrenchment

Is Europe taking steps to enhance self-reliance amidst concerns about the potential return of a Trump presidency?



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In the face of ongoing geopolitical challenges, including Russia's aggression in Ukraine and the potential for a return of a Trump presidency, Europe has shown resilience but also recognises the need for greater self-reliance and strategic planning. Historically reliant on the United States for security assurances, recent years have seen Europe taking more decisive action, including unified responses to Russian aggression, increased military and economic support to Ukraine, and steps toward greater integration and self-sufficiency within the EU. However, uncertainties regarding future U.S. leadership and the geopolitical landscape underlines the urgency for Europe to further strengthen its defenses, enhance collective capabilities, and address institutional weaknesses within the EU to safeguard its security and economic interests. Proactive measures are imperative to "Trump-proof" its future and navigate through evolving global dynamics with resilience and determination. At this event, we discussed strategies for bolstering European security and addressed geopolitical uncertainties in the wake of shifting global power dynamics.