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Alkiviadis Tzaras

Research Assistant

Alkiviadis was a Research Assistant at Bruegel. He is an experienced Data Analyst focusing in causal inference, with an academic background in Economics and professional experience in the International Grants management sector. He has strong expertise in Results‑Based Management and programming.

Prior to joining Bruegel he worked for the Financial Mechanism Office of the EFTA secretariat in Brussels in the Results & Evaluation unit. He was responsible for creating frameworks that measured the progress and intervention logic of various programmes in various sectors such as Education, Innovation, Research and others. He was also responsible for designing centralised databases and reports. Apart from that, he has also worked as a teacher assistant in Full-Stack Web Development and a translator of academic economic textbooks from English to Greek.

Alkiviadis holds a Master’s degree in Economic Analysis from the University of Ioannina. He is fluent in Greek and English and he has conversational knowledge of French.

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Blog Post

European governance

Will European Union recovery spending be enough to fill digital investment gaps?

The recovery facility will boost digital transformation, but questions remain whether it will be sufficient to achieve Europe’s digital ambitions.

By: Zsolt Darvas, J. Scott Marcus and Alkiviadis Tzaras Topic: Digital economy and innovation, European governance, Macroeconomic policy Date: July 20, 2021