Philip Evans

Director Prudential Policy, Bank of England,

Phil holds the position of Director in the Prudential Policy Directorate (PPD). The main

responsibilities are:

  • Banking Capital Policy Division and Prudential Framework Divisions set policy so that Banks and Building Societies have the sufficient capital and liquidity to absorb losses given the risks on their balance sheet. This includes the approach to banking issues in Basel, implementation of Basel rules in the UK, the PRA’s Strong and Simple framework for small non systemic banks and ensuring the overall framework for banks’ loss absorbency is appropriately calibrated.
  • Overall strategy, vision and approach for policymaking. This includes improving the agility/flexibility across the Directorate as the UK takes on its new policymaking function now that the UK has left the EU. Thus includes the Future Regulatory Framework, work on competition and CBA issues and PPD’s international strategy and coordination and equivalence coordination. From

September 2016 Phil was in charge of the unit created to co-ordinate the Bank's work on EU withdrawal. The objective was to provide Governors with the analysis they needed to assist Her Majesty’s Government as it prepared the UK's exit from the EU, including work

analysing contingency issues in the financial sector, macroeconomic impacts and coordinating the information flow across the Bank and its Policy committees.

Prior to moving to PPD, Phil was Director for the International Directorate at the Bank of England between Aug 2014 and September 2016. This Directorate is responsible for analysing developments in, and risks from, the global economy and financial system in support of all the Bank’s policy objectives, and to ensure that the Bank’s engagement in international forums advances its goals. Phil was also on secondment at the European Commission from August 2012, as Advisor to the Director of the Financial Stability Directorate. Phil joined the Bank in 1996 and has held a variety of positions over the course of his career, including various managerial and analytical roles in monetary policy, financial stability, and was Private Secretary to Lord King and Sir Charles Bean

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