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07 May 2016

Is Greek public debt unsustainable?

Greek public debt does not look sustainable if the country has to return to market borrowing at the end of the third bail-out programme, but could be

18 February 2016

Which fiscal union for the euro area?

At the current level of political and societal integration, a large federal budget is unrealistic in the euro area. The authors make three recommenda

26 October 2015

The global debt overhang

What’s at stake: Seven years after the financial crisis, recovery is still weak in most parts of the global economy. The general debt overhang across

12 August 2015

Greece: Lessons for Europe

It was inevitable that Greece would have to make cuts. Yet, if it is ever to pay back its debts, what the country needs most of all is a growth strate

16 July 2015

Greece budget update

Primary surplus picked up in June, but July is the key month to watch.

16 July 2015

Five Lessons on Greece

A reflection on the experience of Greece and other countries who have implemented rescue programs

13 July 2015

Professor Blanchard writes a Greek tragedy

Olivier Blanchard has, with his customary clarity and candor, addressed criticisms of the IMF’s role in Greece’s financial rescue. His is a perso

03 July 2015

In bad faith

On July 2, the IMF released its analysis of whether Greek debt was sustainable or not.  The report said that Greek debt was not sustain

18 June 2015

Greece budget update

As Eurogroup discussions with Greece continue, the latest budget execution bulletin from the Greek finance ministry has been published yesterday, comp

01 June 2015

The emerging world: Debt as key risk

Perhaps the most ostensible of all challenges faced by the global economy is that of pervasive debt levels. For quite some time now, particularly foll