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13 July 2015

Professor Blanchard writes a Greek tragedy

Olivier Blanchard has, with his customary clarity and candor, addressed criticisms of the IMF’s role in Greece’s financial rescue. His is a perso

03 July 2015

In bad faith

On July 2, the IMF released its analysis of whether Greek debt was sustainable or not.  The report said that Greek debt was not sustain

18 June 2015

Greece budget update

As Eurogroup discussions with Greece continue, the latest budget execution bulletin from the Greek finance ministry has been published yesterday, comp

02 June 2015

The emerging world: Debt as key risk

Perhaps the most ostensible of all challenges faced by the global economy is that of pervasive debt levels. For quite some time now, particularly foll

19 March 2015

A tale of floods and dams

A lot of debate has recently focused on the management of the fiscal crisis in Greece and whether or not the speed of adjustment has been too fast or

16 March 2015

Greece: update on public finances

At the end of last week the Greek Finance Ministry published the preliminary budget execution bulletin for February. The State primary budget balance

03 February 2015

Who’s (still) exposed to Greece?

Following the recent elections, Greece has come under pressure. Fear is growing about the stance of the newly elected government and there have been s

09 January 2015

How to reduce the Greek debt burden?

Since Greece achieved a primary surplus of 2.7 percent of GDP in 2014 (which is expected to increase further in 2015), and there are uncertainties rel

25 November 2014

A crazy idea about Italy

Italy needs growth in nominal GDP to stop its debt burden from rising any further. It also needs to reform its economy, raise its productivity an

29 October 2014

Making Argentina's Debt Debacle a Rarity

The epic battle between Argentina and a group of U.S. hedge funds illustrates a fundamental flaw in the sovereign bond market: There's no orderly, wel