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Youth up Europe: The future of work: towards safeguarding young people's rights in the era of increased digitisation

This event will discuss what impact digitisation will have on the employment opportunities for young people and how we can safeguard their rights.


On 10 May we are organising the second edition in our series of Youth Up events, together with the European Youth Forum,  on the topic employment of young people in light of the increasing digitisation of jobs. The event is hosted by the City of Cascais.

The panel discussion will aim to answer the following questions:

What impact will increased digitisation have on jobs and labour market? What does the future of work look like? What impact will digitalisation have on the lives of young people specifically

How can we ensure to safeguard the rights of young people in this new social reality? What changes, legislative and other reforms, are needed to prevent a long-term damaging effect of further advances in technology? How do we reform the welfare system so that it is better prepared for the future of work? How can we improve access to, and the quality of, digital literacy programmes?

The event will be held at Centro Cultural de Cascais, Av. Rei Humberto II de Itália, 2750-642 Cascais