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Stock taking of the ongoing bank crisis resolution in Europe

What progress is being made on an optimal system of bank resolution following the disasters of the financial crisis?


Harald Waiglein

Director General for Economic Policy and Financial Markets, Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance,

Emiliano Tornese

Deputy Head of Resolution and Crisis Management, European Commission DG FISMA,

In the framework of our 10th anniversary celebrations, Bruegel is


organising a series of events in the capitals of our member states. These debates, talks and conferences will bring crucial European topics to audiences across the continent.

Seven years ago the bankruptcy of a high profile investment bank marked the beginning of the largest financial crisis in recent history.  Banks on both sides of the Atlantic were left with sizeable amounts of non-performing assets.  Some countries have undertaken steps to reduce the share of distressed bank assets and recapitalise their banking systems in various ways; and jurisdictions have revamped their legislation to allow for a smoother restructuring of their banking sector.  This discussion will take stock of the progress in putting the banking systems on sounder footings in both the US and in Europe and will analyse the role that the BRRD has been playing in this context.  Envisaged is in particular a discussion of the implementation of the BRRD and of lessons that can so far be learned from its implementation.

This event is for selected invitees only.