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Europe’s immigration and integration challenges: Financial and labour market dimensions

The event, organised by Bruegel in cooperation with the Institute for International Affairs will discuss these and related questions and will also fea


Manjula M. Luthria

Senior Economist at the Social Protection Labor and Jobs Global Practice, World Bank,

Roberto Ciciani

Director General for Prevention of Use of Financial System for Illegal Purposes, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance,

Tatiana Esposito

Director General for Immigration and Integration Policies, Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies,

Video recording

Event materials

Zsolt Darvas - presentation

Carlo Monticelli - presentation

Report: People on the move: migration and mobility in the European Union by Uuriintuya Batsaikhan, Zsolt Darvas and Inês Gonçalves Raposo

Since the early 1990s, immigration has been a more important source of population increase in the EU than the natural change due to births and deaths, while in recent years Europe is facing a large inflow of refugees. At the same time, Eurobarometer opinion surveys reveal that immigration tops the list of challenges that EU citizens are most concerned about and therefore effective policies toward immigration are more important now than ever.

How serious are Europe’s immigration challenges? What are the best experiences in integrating immigrants? What hurdles complicate the financial inclusion of refugees? What’s the impact of immigration on European labour markets, the economy and public finances? How effective is Europe’s response to the large inflow of refugees and how to best address the challenges of immigration?

The event is supported by funding from the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.