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Europe’s Capital Markets Union

The development of a Capital Markets Union has been heralded as a key project by the new European Commission and its President Jean-Claude Juncker. In liaison with the European Commission, Bruegel will contribute to the effort to define its specific policy content. In this context, we are organising a brainstorming workshop on Monday 24 November 2014, at Bruegel in Brussels.

This event will not be public and will bring together policy officials from the European Commission and other EU and national institutions, capital markets participants, and independent experts. The agenda will be devoted, first, to taking stock on past initiatives in Europe and abroad and the current status of capital markets development in Europe, including in comparison with the United States; and second, to outlining, discussing and (to the extent possible) prioritizing the various possible components of a five-year Capital Markets Union strategy, e.g. securities and prudential regulation, accounting and auditing, the policy framework for financial infrastructure, insolvency and debt restructuring, and selected tax issues. Most of the time will be spent in a moderated conversation involving all participants.

This is a closed-door off-the-record brainstorming workshop, accessible on invitation only.