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The European AI policy: writing the first lines of the code

At this closed-door event, an open discussion with Margrethe Vestager will contribute to her work on artificial intelligence. The aim of these discuss


Margrethe Vestager was given the task to prepare an AI strategy in her first 100 days as executive vice president. Her mission letter states “In the first 100 days of our mandate, you will coordinate the work on a European approach on artificial intelligence, including its human and ethical implications. This should also look at how we can use and share non-personalised big data to develop new technologies and business models that create wealth for our societies and our businesses.”

At our first off-the-record workshop, Margrethe Vestager heard from a variety of stakeholders from academia, business, journalism and civil society. Based on their input, our next workshop on the 21st of January will give her the opportunity to present the preliminary findings of the European Commission and an early-on draft white paper. Afterwards, Ms Vestager will join the discussion with a limited number of high-level executives that lead in the development and/or deployment of artificial intelligence.

This event is open only to Bruegel's Membership programme and select experts.