Bowen Call

Research Intern

owen is an American citizen from Las Vegas, Nevada, and is working at Bruegel as a research assistant intern. He is working towards a Bachelor's degree in Economics at Brigham Young University.

Prior to his time at Bruegel, Bowen worked as a research assistant on Brigham Young University campus in the Economics Department. His research, done in partnership with UCLA, was focused on macroeconomics and US governance.

His research interests include global economics and governance, European macroeconomics and governance, and trade.

He speaks English, French, and has a good knowledge of Spanish.

Contact information

[email protected]

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Blog Post

Euro-area sovereign bond holdings: An update on the impact of quantitative easing

Since the European Central Bank’s announcement of its quantitative easing (QE) programme in January 2015, national central banks have been buying government and national agency bonds. In this post the authors look at the effect of QE on sectoral holdings of government bonds, updating the calculations published initially in May 2016.

By: Michael Baltensperger, Bowen Call and Bruegel Topic: Macroeconomic policy Date: November 20, 2018
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Blog Post

US mid-term elections and the global economy

Democrats won control of the House and Republicans held onto the Senate in the most consequential US mid-term elections in decades. Bowen Call reviews economists’ and scholars’ analyses of the impact this might have on the world economy.

By: Bowen Call and Bruegel Topic: Global economy and trade Date: November 12, 2018