Lukas Hermwille

PhD candidate at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM),

Lukas Hermwille is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM). His dissertation project is titled 'Achieving Transformational Change through International Climate Policy?' and aims at bringing into conversation with each other two strands of research, namely international regime theory and transition theory.

He is also a research fellow at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. He has been working in the field of international climate policy since 2008. At the Wuppertal Institute he has particularly focused on market-based mitigation instruments (the Kyoto Mechanisms and New Market Mechanisms) as well as question of the architecture of the climate regime. Furthermore, he has worked on the transformation of energy sectors from a global perspective. He has published academic articles, policy reports, debate articles and book chapters on these issues. At the Wuppertal Institute he will work as a core member of the forthcoming EU funded COP21: RIPPLES project.

Lukas has graduated with a diploma in Regional Sciences of Latin America with a special focus on energy and environmental economics at the University of Cologne, Germany. At his previous stations at the environmental NGO Germanwatch and the Chair for Energy Economics at the University of Cologne he has gained substantive experience in quantitative and qualitative research in the fields of climate change and energy economics.

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