Klaus Masuch

Principal Adviser, DG-Economics, ECB,

Klaus Masuch is Principal Adviser in the Directorate General Economics of the European Central Bank. Previous assignments were the Head of the Monetary Policy Strategy Division (2000-2006) and the EU Countries Division (2007-2013) of the DG Economics in the ECB. He is now inter alia responsible for co-ordinating internal ECB work on the adjustment programmes and country missions for euro areas countries.

Since 2009 Mr Masuch has been assigned special tasks by the Executive Board of the ECB related to vulnerable countries and the sovereign debt crisis in the euro area. In early 2010 the Executive Board of the ECB asked Mr Masuch to head the ECB delegation involved in the negotiations with the Greek government on the conditions underlying the financial assistance provided to Greece by the Euro area member states and the IMF. He performed the task of mission chief for Greece until early 2015. From late 2010 until mid-2012, he also headed the ECB delegation involved in the negotiations and monitoring of the programme attached to the EFSF/IMF loan to Ireland.

Klaus Masuch holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Würzburg.

(as well as a Diploma in Economics from the same University and also a diploma in Business Administration from the Berufsakademie in Stuttgart).

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