Katarzyna Czabanowska

Associate professor at the International Health Department, Maastricht University,

KATARZYNA (Kasia) CZABANOWSKA (MA, PhD, dr habil. FFPH), Associate professor at the International Health Department, Maastricht University, the Netherlands, Fellow through Distinction of the UK Faculty of Public Health. She directs Governance and Leadership in European Public Health programme. Her research focus is on public health workforce development, public health leadership, competence-based education and training, identification of skill gaps between the job market and taught curricula. Her current projects carried out within the WHO (Euro) Coalition of Partners (CoP) include: Professionalisation of Public Health Workforce in the European Region, European Competencies Framework for Public Health Workforce. She has more than 100 publications including peer reviewed research articles, book chapters and policy briefs. She is a visiting professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Health and Related Research, the University of Sheffield and the adjunct faculty member at Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, the US. She holds a Badge of Honour from the Public Health Faculty, Medical University of Sofia. She is the President of the Association of the Schools of Public Health in the European region (ASPHER) and Chair of the EUPHA Working Group on Public Health Leadership, Deputy Chair of the Council for the Development of Human Resources for Public Health at the National Institute of Public Health in Warsaw. She serves as a WHO expert in the area of Public Health Leadership and public health workforce development and planning and is a Core Team member of the WHO CoP to strengthen public health services in Europe. K. Czabanowska was awarded Polish Person 2015 in the Netherlands in the category science and technique by a Dutch –Polish Foundation Polonus.

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