Headshot of Jacob Rudbäck

Jacob Rudbäck

Founder and CEO, Yepstr

Jacob has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his life:

  • Jacob founded Yepstr in Dec. 2014, after realizing that in the long-term, the gig economy has the potential to be the most important factor to lower inequalities. Jacob has a passion to decrease the boundaries for youths to make the challenging, yet important step into the labor market
  • Born entrepreneur: founded a sailing school, paintball park, offshore consulting business, fundraising and product development companies

While acting as an advocate and thought-leader for the gig economy:

  • Listed as number 36 on the list of Sweden's most influential people in the labor market
  • Featured in Swedish media more than 60 times in the last three months on topics of employment, gig economy, flexible work
  • Interviewed together with the Minister of Labour regarding the future of work in Sweden three times

Background from a successful tech IPO and consulting:

  • Jacob was the first team member and investor in Livehire, which IPO’d in Australia (ASX:LVH) five years ago (today with a market cap of c. AUD 100m). Awarded top-10 IPO in 2016 by the Australian Financial Review
  • Five years of experience from strategy consulting and project management working at Boston Consulting Group and Momentum Partners

Educational background includes two Master degrees from prestigious universities:

  • Holds a Master of Science in Technology Management from Chalmers University of Technology and an MBA from Gothenburg School of Economics

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