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Ilsa Godlovitch

Director, Brussels Office, WIK - Consult

Ilsa Godlovitch is Director, Brussels at WIK-Consult. She is an expert on telecoms and the digital economy with more than 20 years experience in managing and conducting research and regulatory projects in this field. Her recent projects include research on cloud interoperability and behavioural advertising, and several studies for the European Commission including an upcoming review of the implementation of the “Open Internet Regulations”, the 2022 support study for the “Gigabit Infrastructure Act”, the 2020 support study for the European Commission on the “Digital Markets Act”. Between 2007-2012, Ilsa was Director at the pan-European trade association ECTA, where she was responsible for an annual benchmark of regulation and outcomes in the telecoms sector covering 22 countries. Between 1998-2002 Ilsa was senior advisor at the UK regulatory authority Oftel, where she was responsible inter alia for developing policy and negotiating alongside the Ministry on the e-Commerce Directive and EU Framework for Electronic Communications. Ilsa started her career as a technology journalist, launching an early Internet magazine, Cyberia, in 1996. She then joined Microsoft and was a member of the launch team of MSN News and the Microsoft Network in the UK between 1997-1998. Ilsa has a Postgraduate Certificate in Economics from London University and an MA in Classics from Oxford University.

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