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Glenda Quintini

Senior Economist, OECD

Glenda Quintini is a senior economist at OECD where she leads a team of economists looking at how skill needs are changing in the labour market and identifying effective policy responses, particularly in the area of adult learning and on-the-job training. Glenda’s team also contributes to the rolling out, further development and analysis of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) and is currently managing the development of an employer module on skill gaps. As part of the research programme on skills, Glenda has devoted a lot of attention to issues of changing skill needs, automation, skills mismatch, skills use at work and work-based learning. 
Before joining OECD, Glenda worked at Credit Suisse First Boston and at the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) of the London School of Economics. While at CEP, she published a number of papers in well-known economic journals.

Glenda holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford and a Master degree in Economics from the University of Essex.

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