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Up and ahead: skills for a more resilient EU workforce

How can we equip people with the skills they need to adapt to a rapidly changing labour market?


Julie Fionda

Deputy Head of Unit, Skills Agenda, European Commission, DG EMPL


Check-in and coffee

1.30PM-2PM (CET)


Session 1: Young labour market entrants

2PM-3.15PM (CET)


Coffee break

3.15PM-3.30PM (CET)


Session 2: Mid-career workers

3.30PM-4.45PM (CET)


Networking apéro

4.45PM-5.30PM (CET)

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Digitalisation, robotisation and automation are changing the nature of jobs at an unprecedented rate. Newly emerging technologies are not only reducing the jobs performed by humans but also transforming the way people work. EU economies undergoing a significant transition leading to the displacement of workers across all industries and workers find themselves in need of reskilling and upskilling to switch to high-demand jobs. In this event, we will discuss how we can utilise upskilling and reskilling initiatives to protect vulnerable groups of the workforce, to build a resilient workforce and a create better functioning EU labour market.  

In the first session, we will discuss the problems of young labour market entrants. The session will give special emphasis to NEET, to outline the main reasons behind their detachment and how we can use reskilling policies/projects to support their labour market integration. 

In the second session, we will address the problems of mid-career workers with a specific focus on changing careers, skills to support twin transition, and reskilling and/or upskilling needs.

The programme of this event is still under construction. More information coming soon.

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This event is organised within the project “Future of Work and Inclusive Growth in Europe“, with the support of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.

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