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Presentation of the contribution of 16 European Think Tanks to the Polish, Danish, and Cypriot Trio Presidency of the European Union

With the establishment of the permanent European Council presidency and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Lisbon Treaty modified the role of the rotating presidencies.

Meanwhile, the analytical work of European think tanks is increasingly seen as an essential contribution to the definition of the EU agenda. The strength of these organisations lies in their capacity to develop synergies and mutual intellectual stimulation. This is why has assembled a group of think tanks, whose aim is to review the forthcoming 18-month agenda of each new Trio Presidency. For each specific issue (structural reform, economic governance, energy, climate change, migration, internal security...), experts analyse both the global context and existing challenges. They then take into account the new institutional structure and put forward concrete proposals.

Every 18 months, collects its expert analyses and produces a new edition of the Think Global Act European report.

The latest report was launched during an event at the Egmont Palace, which included a series of panels on the key issues analysed in the report and a discussion with think-tank experts.

Download the report here