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ONLINE ROUND TABLE: Future of the EU-UK science cooperation

How do we rebuild and keep the science cooperation between the EU and the UK?


This online round table will build on what we learnt during the project of simulated negotiation between the EU and the UK, provide an opportunity to go into more detail of the report findings, and have a discussion on how best to protect future of the EU-UK science collaboration.

During this project we found that:

  • A post Brexit EU-UK science deal is possible and would be a “win-win” for both parties.
  • Full UK association to Horizon Europe, with as few restrictions on access as possible, must be at the heart of any EU-UK science deal. In exchange, the UK will “pay its way”, including a contribution towards the running costs of the programme
  • Negotiating a science deal will involve finding compromise, and time is extremely short. If the UK has any chance of being part of Horizon Europe on day one, negotiations must start immediately.
  • The teams found it easy to agree broad principles but found it harder to translate this into specific text and commitments. Existing precedents from Horizon 2020 agreements and elsewhere in the Brexit negotiations provided inspiration for our final agreement.

Both the UK government and European Commission have talked positively about the role research and innovation will play in improving the health and prosperity of Europe’s citizens, and the competitiveness of its economy. This can only be achieved if current EU-UK research collaboration is protected.

This event is off the record, and open only to Bruegel's Membership programme and select experts. The event will take place entirely online due to the COVID-19 measures.