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Manufacturing Europe's future

How much does manufacturing contribute to Europe’s growth and jobs? Will the decline of manufacturing employment continue in Europe? What kind of manufacturing will support future growth in Europe?

Despite the decline in manufacturing output and employment, manufacturing still matters in Europe, but more for its contribution to trade, innovation and productivity growth, both directly and indirectly. This is one of the conclusions of the Bruegel Blueprint "Manufacturing Europe's future", to be presented as part of the 150th Anniversary of Solvay. Join us on October 2nd to discover more of the challenges for the future of manufacturing in Europe.

This event is jointly organised by Bruegel and Solvay.


  • Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay
  • André Sapir, Senior Fellow at Bruegel and Professor at ULB
  • Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship
  • Reinhilde Veugelers, Senior Fellow at Bruegel and Professor at KULeuven
  • Philippe Lamberts, Member of the European Parliament
  • Chair - Geoff Meade, Europe Editor of the Press Association

Practical details

Venue: Bibliotheque Solvay, Parc Léopold, Rue Belliard 137, 1040 BrusselsTime: Wednesday 2 October 2013, 17:00 - 18:30 [CHANGED TIME]Contact: Matilda Sevón, Events Coordinator - matilda.sevon[at]bruegel.org


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