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Cyprus: Financing the Recovery

As Cyprus looks ahead to post-bailout growth, what lessons have been learnt from the crisis and subsequent bank restructuring?


Libor Krkoska

Head of Office, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,

Sofronis Clerides

Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Cyprus and a research fellow of CEPR,

Marios Clerides

Former chairman of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC),


In the framework of our 10th anniversary celebrations, Bruegel is organising a series of events in the capitals of our member states. These debates, talks and conferences will bring crucial European  topics to audiences across the continent.

As Cyprus looks ahead to its exit from the Troika rescue package, it is obvious that for a strong recovery the real economy will need healthy access to finance. Yet caution is imperative, as the crisis began in Cyprus' banking sector. What lessons have been learnt from the crisis and subsequent restructuring? How can the Cypriot financial sector regain its independence and contribute to stable and sustainable growth?

This event is being hosted at the University of Cyprus is cooperation with the Cyprus Ministry of Finance. This is an invitation-only event.

Event Materials

Marios Clerides - Presentation

Sofronis Clerides - Presentation

Vincenzo Guzzo - Presentation

Michael S. Michael - Presentation

Dirk Schoenmaker - Presentation

Nicolas Véron - Presentation