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Can EMU survive a multi speed Europe?

On 6 April Bruegel, as in previous years, hosted the presentation of the Euro Yearbook, a collection of experts’ insights on the construction of the E



The Euro Yearbook highlights the consequences of non-conventional monetary policies, reviews the rolling out of SSM and SRM, and discusses the different ways to advance into a fiscal union.

In light of the deepening of the institutional and political crisis faced in 2016, “Nobody seems to be worried about losing credibility, because the alternative, it is claimed, is populism or breakup. And in the meantime, the party goes on”, Fernando Fernández Méndez de Andés, director of the study, remarks.

Throughout the thirteen chapters of the book, the opinions of the authors contribute to a varied and rich discussion where, in the spirit of improving the European Union, policy makers will find arguments and counter-arguments to help imagine new ways to deal with the current paralysis.

The final chapter “Ten lessons for Europe” written by the Professor Fernández to wrap up the state of the debate will serve as discussion material for the panel of experts who will participate in the presentation.

The Euro Yearbook is a project of the Spanish Financial Studies Foundation and ICO Foundation.

 Video recording