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Rens van Tilburg

Director of the Sustainable Finance Lab, Utrecht University

Rens van Tilburg has been working as a senior researcher at SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations), engaged in the reform of the financial sector. Previously, he worked as an assistant in the European Parliament, the House of Representatives and the Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy. For the AWT, Rens van Tilburgexamined the impact of the turbulent changes in the financial sector for the opportunityto commit long-term investment. Van Tilburg publishes regularly in various media, including the Volkskrant.

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Policy Brief

Financial risks and opportunities in the time of climate change

The current unsustainable use of our environment can lead to financial crisis. To address this risk, financial institutions should measure their exposure to ecological imbalances using methodologies such as carbon and natural capital accounting.

By: Dirk Schoenmaker, Rens van Tilburg and Bruegel Topic: Green economy Date: April 22, 2016