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Wensheng Peng

Head of Research Department, and Executive Dean, CICC

Chief Economist, Head of Research Department, Executive Dean of the CICC Global Institute.

Dr. Peng Wensheng is the Chief Economist and Head of Research at the China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC),and Dean of the CICC Global Institute. He was the Chief Economist and Head of Research at Everbright Securities from October 2016-May 2020, Global Chief Economist and Head of Research at CITIC Securities from 2015-2016, and Chief Economist for the CICC from 2010-2014. From 2008 to 2010, he was Head of China Research at Barclays Capital. Prior to that, he worked at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority for ten years, serving as Head of Economic Research Division and Head of Mainland China Affairs Division at different points of time. From 1993 to 1998, he worked as an Economist for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Peng received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Nankai University in 1986, and continued to study at the postgraduate school of the People’s Bank of China. He received Master’s degree in Banking and Finance, and PhD in Economics from University of Birmingham in England in 1988 and 1993, respectively. Dr. Peng is an adjunct professor at Nankai University, and a member of CF40. He currently serves as a member of the Currency Board Sub-committee of the HongKong Exchange Fund Advisory Committee. Dr. Peng has published numerous papers in international academic journals. His book “Seek new economic balance in China” (in Chinese) was awarded the Sun Yefang financial innovation book prize in 2015, and “The Ascending Financial Cycles” (in Chinese) was awarded CF40 annual book prize in 2018.

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