Peter Blom

Chair, Global Alliance for Banking on Values & CEO, Triodos Bank,

Peter Blom (1956) has been statutory Member of the Executive Board of Triodos Bank N.V.
since 1989 and is Chair of this Board. Triodos Bank is a leading European social bank
providing financial services for a diverse range of sectors, from financing organic farming and
renewable energy - both wind and solar - to cultural projects and micro credit. Triodos Bank
only lends to enterprises and projects that benefit people and the environment.

Triodos Bank’s mission is to make money work for positive change, providing a more human,
transparent form of banking where social profit is as much part of decision making as the
more traditional risk and return.

In addition to his role at Triodos Bank, Peter Blom is, among others, Chair of the Board of the
Global Alliance for Banking on Values (, Member of the Board of the Dutch
Banking Association and Co-chair of the Board of the Sustainable Finance Lab.

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