Marcia De Wachter

Director, National Bank of Belgium,

Since 1999, dr. Marcia De Wachter is Member of the Executive Board of the National Bank of Belgium. Initially she was responsible for Human Resources, Accounting and Budget Control, later for the IT-department and the Currency in Circulation and Branches department. She was also Treasurer of the Bank.

Actually she is in control of “Prudential Supervision of Market Infrastructures and Oversight” and of “General Statistics”.

Previously, she was Secretary-General and Vice-Governor of the Bank and Belgium's Alternate at the Governing Council and the General Council of the Euro System, Member of the Economic and Finance Committee and Alternate on the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements.

Currently she is member of the Committee for research on ageing of the High Council of Finance. She is also Vice-President of Belgium’s High Council for Employment of the High Council of Finance.

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