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Secular Stagnation in Europe and Japan

This is the 3rd conference in a series of events jointly organised by Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University and Bruegel


Coen Teulings

Montague Burton Chair of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, University of Cambridge,

Ryuzo Miyao

Former Member of Board of Directors, Bank of Japan and Professor at Tokyo University,

Seven years after the global financial crisis there are still insufficient signs of recovery for many economies. Secular stagnation means economies are incapable of creating enough demand to sustain growth, requiring negative real interest rates to equate savings and investment. Simultaneously, an aging population is less open to invest or to spend. If secular stagnation is here to stay, the policies of today are not able to tackle the problem.

This event aims to bring pragmatic proposals for Europe and Japan as to what the solutions could be and what policy measures would support them. Both Europe and Japan can learn from each other’s experience in dealing with unsatisfactory growth and an inability to carry out necessary structural reform.

Event Materials

Bruegel Event Notes
Juan F. Jimeno - Presentation
Yoichi Matsubayashi - Presentation
Xavier Ragot - Presentation
Paul Swaim - Presentation
Coen Teulings - Presentation
Atsuko Ueda - Presentation
Natacha Valla - Presentation
Masahiko Yoshii - Presentation