Helmut Kraemer-Eis

Head of Research & Market Analysis, European Investment Fund,

Helmut Kraemer-Eis is Head of EIF’s Research and Market Analysis division. This function was created in 2009 to support EIF’s business development and strategic decision-making processes through applied research and market analyses. Prior to this, Helmut headed EIF’s Guarantees and Securitisation Risk Management for 7 years. He also worked as a senior manager at in SME Loan Securitisation and Business Policy area and in the Economic Research Department at KfW in Germany. Helmut holds a M.A. in Economics from the Friedrich-Wilhelms University, Bonn (Germany) and a PhD from the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena (Germany), where he also worked as research assistant. He authored and co-authored numerous research articles on various economic topics and a book on country risk analysis. Helmut is the editor of EIF’s Working Papers series.

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