Baptiste Boitier


Baptiste Boitier has a doctorate in economics from the Ecole Centrale Paris. He is currently economist at SEURECO. He was previously professor-assistant at the Ecole Centrale Paris and joined, in 2005, the team SEURECO-ERASME after obtaining a master in economics. His research activity focus on economic modelling, forward looking activities and policy impact assessment in the fields of climate change mitigation, energy, taxation, research and innovation, etc. Currently, he is involved in the European Research project called Paris Reinforce, started in June 2019 and aiming to support the analysis, the implementation and the monitoring of the Paris climate agreement through multi-models’ analysis. Recently, he has contributed to another multi-model analysis on the future of the energy systems in EU, with the H2020 research project SET-Nav. In 2019, he has also completed a research activity for the French environmental agency ADEME on French carbon footprint and socio- economic impacts of a set of scenarios on carbon border tax in EU. He has also contributed to the economic assessment of “zero net emission” scenarios in EU for the French ministry of ecology. In 2018, he has participated to the socio-economic impact assessment of the future EU R&I Programme: Horizon Europe for the European DG R&I and to the I3U EU research programme on the Innovation Union. Also, in 2018, he has participated to a study on the shadow value of the carbon in France up to 2050. Formerly, he has collaborated to the EMPLOY-RES II study, on the employment effects of the RES deployment as well as the European research project AMPERE that focused on the cost of the GHG emissions mitigation in EU. Furthermore, he has also worked on the assessment of the employment impact of the socio-ecological transition in EU, in the NEUJOBS research project. In 2015, he has followed a study contract on the impact assessment of the French strategy for green growth for the French Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

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